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2014 PACC

A place for families to find help...  

The Caring Cupboard is PACC's newest ministry and is located in the former Royer's Flowers location.  It currently serves about 130 families per week corresponding to about 1,600 individuals. 

For contributions by check, make out checks to:

"PACC Caring Cupboard"

Serving Clients:

Monday 3-6 PM

Wednesday 10-12 AM and 5:30-7:00 PM

Friday Noon-2 PM

Recieving Food Donations:

Monday 9-11 AM and 3-6 PM

Wednesday 9-12 AM and 5:30-7:00 PM

Friday Noon-2 PM


Web Site:  
Mailing Address: 131 N. Railroad St. , Palmyra, PA  17078  
Phone: 717-838-9493  
Terry Baker, Director  
Judy Jurell, Assistant Director & Director of Client Relations  
Beth Barlet, Treasurer  
Gary Mastrangelo, Financial Advisor  
Clara Clements, Julie Kaylor, Carl Scriniere, Cindy Weatherholtz, John Snyder, Deb Wilson, Angela Reigle  
Dennis Lohr, Dave Harris, Judy Jurell, Angela Reigle, Carl Scriniere, Khervin Smith, Bob DiMatteo, Margie Yohn, Carl Garver, Lindsay Panichi, Linda Bare, Beth Stevenson  

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131 N. Railroad St. Palmyra, PA 17078